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3 Reasons to Having NFT’s Displayed on your Personal Site (2022)

Congratulations! Chances are you have purchased an NFT to add to your awesome gallery. Or, perhaps you may have just minted a new collection. Naturally, your next steps are displaying the unique pieces. So how do NFT owners usually display their gallery?

Today, most people opt to display their NFT’s through large marketplaces such as OpenSea or on their social media profile pictures. However, these popular methods are not the best way to showcase your NFT collection.

This blogpost will go over 3 reasons why collectors should have their NFT’s displayed on a personal website.

1. Opportunities for Creativity

Your NFT’s are unique. Why have them displayed in the same, monotone manner?

A major disadvantage to NFT marketplaces is the inability to customize your NFT gallery. For instance, on OpenSea, you are restricted to the standard background/theme for your page, are not able to change the default layouts, colors, fonts and many more.

To contrast, creating your own website allows you to fully customize the aforementioned features to fit your NFT collection. For instance, if your NFT collection is centered around spaceships, you can customize the website’s background, fonts and buttons to be space-themed. Whatever NFT’s you have, building a website will allow maximum engagement with viewers, providing an immersive experience while viewing your collection.

2. An All-in-One Platform

Nowadays, digital creators across a multitude of social media platforms have been involved with NFT’s. For instance, Logan Paul, a YouTuber creator with over 23 million subscribers recently launched his own NFT collection called ‘’99 Originals”. As a result, it can be tiresome for a creator’s audience to go from checking Instagram for updates, OpenSea for NFT’s, Facebook for events and more.

A major advantage of creating a website is that it allows for a greater ease of accessibility. By creating an all-in-one platform, audiences can access everything in one spot. All people have to do now is click on one link and fans can easily see all your content without having to maneuver through various social media platforms.

3. Get discovered more easily

Maybe your NFT collection has had a few sales, but is it struggling to amass a consistent audience? Don’t be worried, this is a common problem that most NFT collectors face when selling on various marketplaces given the sheer amount of competition. On your own website, competition is not concentrated in one spot: All of the NFT’s displayed belong to you. With the ability to employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, your website can land itself onto Google’s top pages, resulting in more exposure to your NFT collection. To get started with SEO, Google offers a free introduction to digital marketing course that will teach you all the essentials. If you want a quicker guide on SEO check out this article here. In the end, it might seem like more work, but the payoff of garnering a larger audience is easily worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you may be interested in displaying your NFT’s on a website . However, the misconceptions of needing technical knowledge can make the task seem  overwhelming. Fortunately, with Jemi, a free no-code website builder that offers cross-chain support, you can securely connect your wallet in less than minutes and start building your personalized gallery. Jemi’s drag-and-drop interface combined with a variety of intuitive templates to choose from will make website building super easy.

As your NFT collection grows, you will have to update your website. Jemi allows users to make changes with ease, ensuring that audiences are up to date with your collection.

Check out our help center here or feel free to email assistant@jemi.app if there are any further questions.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Jemi and start building your NFT website!