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3 Ways to Make More Money with Limited Quantity Features

3 Ways to Make More Money with Limited Quantity Features

by Sameer Rao

The Jemi Team released a brand new feature this month: limited quantity! You can now easily implement this feature in your interactions to optimize your time and money.

The limited quantity feature can be turned on for each interaction through your Jemi dashboard

So, what are some ways you can use this feature in your interactions? Keep reading! We’ll be talking about three impactful ways to use the limited quantity feature to make the most out of your interactions!

1. Generate “hype” through Limited Edition interactions

A growing phenomenon in the consumer retail space is limited edition, one-time product drops that consumers will never be able to access again unless they buy now. We’ve seen clothing companies and toy manufacturers build business models behind this idea of hype–excitement and demand created around the limited availability of such product.

Create that limited edition feeling and increase current demand through hype

Psychologically, consumers are likely to put off a purchase to a later date when they know that the service or product they are interested in will still be available down the line. Jemi creators can use the limited quantity feature to offer one-time or “once-in-a-blue moon” interactions that generate that same hype. Whether you’re selling limited edition custom shoes, autographed merchandise, offering 1-on-1 chats to just a few, or reviewing a select number of photography portfolios, you can implement limited quantity and expect to see an uptick in present day demand.

2. Host manageable events, gatherings, or small group interactions

Sean Whalen offers a Comedy Workshop for 10 people max

Another way to utilize the limited quantity feature is for virtual events or meet-and-greets. Supporters love personal interactions with creators rather than large group settings. For events or meet-and-greets, we highly recommend using the limited quantity feature to establish a certain number of seats available for such events. It not only makes the experience more engaging but also allows creators to host manageable events. A strong example is Sean Whalen’s Comedy Workshop which has a maximum of 10 participant seats!

3. Mitigate demand with your work schedule

Sam Hurd, a professional photographer, hosts limited portfolio reviews

Busy but still want to earn? Set a limited quantity! We all lead busy schedules and at times it can be overwhelming to cater to multiple interactions throughout a week. We want our creators to be able to mitigate that demand while providing the best experiences for their supporters! You can use the limited quantity feature as a tool to set the number of interactions you would be willing to have, so that you can easily manage those interactions alongside an already hectic schedule.

Are you using the limited quantity feature in other ways? We would love to hear about it! Reach out to assistant@jemi.app and tell us all about it!