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4 Reasons Every Photographer Needs a Portfolio Website

4 Reasons Every Photographer Needs a Portfolio Website

By: Tej Sharma

When starting out as a photographer, creating a portfolio is probably the last thing on your mind. However, given that photography is simply digital storytelling, setting up a portfolio allows you to tell your story on your own terms. By creating a portfolio, you are taking ownership of your work and creating vision, and setting yourself up for success in the competitive photography landscape.

As with starting as a freelancer, establishing an online presence as a photographer should be one of your first steps. Here are five reasons every photographer needs a portfolio website.

1. Display Your Work and Build Your Brand

At the fundamental level, you are looking to create a website that highlights your unique photography abilities through concrete work samples. When building your own website, you are in full control of how you represent yourself to prospective clients. You can choose your favourite photos to display that best represent you and your abilities. However, clients are looking for more than just talented photographers, they’re also hiring you for your personality and style, which can further be communicated from your website through its creative choices such as the design, colour scheme, font styles, etc.

2. Educate Potential Clients

With your website, beyond just showing off your work, you need to give clients all the information they require to hire you for your services. This includes answering the most frequently asked questions including:

  • “What style of photography do you shoot? Portraits? Landscapes?”
  • “How much do your sessions cost?”
  • “How long have you been a photographer?”

Simple additions such as these will streamline client communication and optimize the hiring process.

3. Monetize Your Services

In addition to displaying your work through a portfolio, your store can help to monetize your services as a photographer through creating an online store for your work or setting up a scheduling tool for bookings. With an online store, you will be able to make extra money on prints and will give you the additional confidence that reassures you people enjoy your work. Additionally, take advantage of the online interface and create a scheduling tool where clients can easily contact and book your services at their leisure.

4. It’s Affordable and Easy!

As you’re reading this, you’re likely thinking to yourself that you don’t know how to code and could not figure out how to set up a website. Well, luckily for you, with Jemi you can use the simple drag and drop interface to create a beautiful portfolio website in minutes that checks all the requirements just outlined. It might be intimidating to start off, but Jemi offers a wide variety of templates to choose from that are intuitive to navigate and can highlight your work effectively with clean and polished layouts. Although creating your own website with Jemi is completely free, Jemi also offers a very cost effective Pro plan to take your portfolio to the next level - allows for your own custom domain, unique branding, and advanced integrations at just $7.50 per month.

A photography portfolio is never finished - and that’s a good thing. As you become better at the art, your photos will continually improve and you’ll want to update your display of work. Jemi makes it easy to make quick and easy changes to your website when necessary to ensure that your most up to date work that best represents you is displayed.

What are you waiting for? Get started now and visit Jemi to begin developing your very own portfolio.