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4 Steps to Get Brand Deals in 2022

4 Steps to Get Brand Deals in 2022

By: Sarika Karra

As a creator, you’ve probably considered brand collaboration offers or even wondered how other influencers obtain brand deals in the first place. Brand deals are an amazing option to help you increase your channels’ potential, add a source of revenue, give you access to products and provide discounts for your audience, can establish your presence as an influencer, build up your portfolio, and can open up further collaboration opportunities for you down the line.

On the other side, brands love collaborating with creators. Brands are always on the lookout for people to promote their products and services and ultimately want to sell. If your target audience matches theirs and you have a great relationship with your audience, you’ll be more likely to produce the kinds of sales that brands want to see.

If you’re looking to figure out how to get started with pitching to brands and landing deals, here are some steps to put you on your way to your dream brand collaboration!

  1. Do your research
  • When looking for brands to pitch to, seek out those that have a similar audience as you, shares your values, and supports your personal brand and reputation. These will be the brands who will most want to work with you and will make sense for your audience to pay attention to
  • Take a look at a brand’s social media pages to see which influencers they currently work with and check out on which social media pages they are the most active. Their most active platforms will tell you how to structure your pitch and present yourself.
  • Prior to contacting the brand, engage with their social media accounts in as many ways as you can. Comment on their posts, tag them in photos and in your stories, and even DM them about their content from time to time. This is a tiny but mighty move that demonstrates your interest in collaborating, commitment to the brand, and initiative to organically engage.

2. Find the right contacts

  • It’s important to be proactive about the pitching process. Smaller influencers will find the best success by pitching themselves to brands rather than trying to allow themselves to be found.
  • It’s also important to figure out the right people to send your pitch to. Emailing brands directly is a tried and tested method when you’re looking to collaborate but more often than not, brands will direct you to their “Contact Us” page on their websites on which they might ask you to email a Customer Service address (that might look a little like “hello@___” or “info@___”). Instead of jumping to those email addresses, try looking for the PR, Collaborations, or Partnerships contact’s email address first. Because brands receive so many collaboration requests (due to a booming influencer industry), they will likely make it very easy for you to find these email addresses.
  • Instagram is another great tool to reach out on. If there’s a brand on Instagram you’d like to reach out to, there might be an “Email” button that will give you quick access to an email address. This could bring you closer to contacting the right person.
  • Finally, you can also try LinkedIn to find the right contacts at the brand. Try searching for “brand name + PR / public relations / collaborations / partnerships / influencer / influencer manager” into the search bar for the first and last name of the PR contact.

3. Deliver your pitch (include a media kit or portfolio) - Read more for a free template!

  • Email - Make sure that your email is short and sweet. Brands receive a lot of email inquiries on a day-to-day basis and they’ll be more likely to respond if you get straight to the point and make your message easy for them to understand. Additionally, make sure to customize each email specifically to the brand so that it feels more personal and communicates a genuine interest to work with them!
  • In the email, be sure to include:
    - Your elevator pitch
    - Any recent achievements of yours to further capture a brand’s interest
    - Your ask (be specific!)
    - Why the collaboration makes sense for the both of you
    - Your socials + media kit / Jemi page
    - A closing question that requires an answer from the brand
  • Don’t make the brand work to find you online! Include links to your Instagram account, media kit or Jemi page, and any other important important you think you should share outside of your email.
  • One way you can consolidate all of your important links and have an amazing digital resume is by utilizing Jemi! With Jemi, you can customize a site that matches your brand’s visuals and theme and create distinct pages to introduce yourself, compile all of your social media pages into one place (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), provide updates for recent content you might have posted, highlight any awards or accomplishments, and even include aspects of a traditional media kit. You can even directly embed different kinds of content onto your site to separately showcase. Jemi gives you full creative control of your site and as a creator, it’s perfect for use as an updated body of your professional work. Choose from a ton of pre-designed templates or build your own.
  • Lastly, always include this media kit/portfolio in your link in bio! You want to make it super easy for any brand who is interested in working with you to find all relevant information and content before they decide to work with you.

4. Follow Up + Take Action

  • If you haven’t heard back after you’ve sent your pitch, try following up with them once or twice after a week or so.
  • If they do respond and want to collaborate, ask them about post dates and on which channels to share your content. If this is a paid partnership, send them a list of how much you charge for various services and content. You will agree on the rate, deliverables, what to provide, and when to do so.
  • Finally, make sure both parties sign a contract! After your collaboration, you can follow up with them again with a report showing them how well your campaign did, so they’ll want to contact you in the future.

We hope that this guide helps you out in your journey to landing brand deals and partnerships and better positions you as a creator and influencer! Emailing brands is definitely a numbers game so a “no” from one brand doesn’t mean a “no” forever. Be patient, persistent, and professional, and you’ll be very well positioned to landing the deal of your dreams!

If you’re interested in creating your own personal digital portfolio and making it easy for others to find your work online, feel free to check out Jemi! We also have plenty of other tips for creators, so feel free to check out other posts on our blog as well.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions by emailing assistant@jemi.app!