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4 Types of Creators & the Best Items to Sell on Jemi

4 Types of Creators & the Best Items to Sell on Jemi

Example of creators and items to sell on Jemi

When you are setting up a profile on Jemi, we ask you to choose ways you would like to use our platform. Jemi shop items are completely customizable, so it can be daunting to look for the best ways to engage with your audience. Don’t fret! Every creator has a unique way to interact with their fans, find how your creativity fits into different types of profiles!

​This article dives into the different types of Jemi shop items and corresponding creator types that would find these shop items valuable, which will hopefully help you generate fresh, personalized, and fun ideas to make a successful profile. If you are more than one type of creator, don’t stick to one model! You can use a mix of models or switch things up to achieve a hybrid of shop items that work best for you!

What "shop items" can you offer on Jemi?

​“How do you think you would use Jemi?” Before customizing a unique profile, let’s first get an overview of the type of shop items you can offer on Jemi.​ ​Here’s an introduction to the options Jemi has proposed for your convenience:

  • Providing Advice + Feedback: a personalized way to interact and make one-on-one connections with fans. Best for creators that get a lot of questions from fans.
  • Video Shoutouts: a fun way to show your appreciation and brighten up a fan’s day. This can be a shoutout directly for the fan or a friend of the fan.
  • Social Media Shoutouts: a creative way to show public appreciation for fans and gain access to more recognition. Best for creators with a large social media (IG, YT, TikTok, etc) following.
  • Virtual Meet & Greet/Virtual Events: an effective way to connect with fans and promote your latest work over a video call. Both 1:1 and group calling available
  • Physical Merchandise: You're not limited to just selling virtual items on Jemi! Start selling merchandise and signed memorabilia through Jemi's easy online store builder.
  • Simple Support/Donations: an easy way for fans to support you by making a small contribution. You can also say that you’ll respond with a personalized thank you video or text message.
  • Other/Custom: You can also add your custom shop item! For example, D&R added a “play video game” option for his highest supporter.

There’s no limit to the shop items you sell, but Jemi already gives some readily available features. Choosing shop items depends on your relationship with your audience and your content. If you are a smaller creator, consider more individual simple "shop items" such as simple donations. If you have a larger audience base, reference Venom Trick Shots or Love, Tori, who have included shoutouts and providing advice + feedback.

​Of course, you can also customize your shop items! We have given you some examples of the types of creators on Jemi, so you can categorize your efforts and create your profile!

1. Are you an artist?

Type: a profile that focuses on creating exclusive content, pre-releases, or request-based performances

Suggested items: Simple support, custom interactions, shoutouts, etc

Sample creators: Wallis Doyle, Noonie, Megan Grant, Skylar Bouchard

If you produce a lot of content, you can lock access to them that your fans pay to unlock. If your content is valuable upon release, you can set up shop items that allow fans to pay and access them before everyone else. If you want to personalize your content for fans, you can encourage them to submit a request so you can perform exclusively for them!

For example, if you are a musician, an example could be writing “request a performance: tell me a story and I will write or sing a personalized song for you”, or “exclusive pre-release: gain early access to my new music video.”

This type of profile is particularly suitable for musicians, comedians, or any creator that posts regular content on their platforms. ​

2. Are you a public figure?

Type: a profile that increases recognition and interaction between creators and fans.

Suggested items: Simple support, custom interactions, shoutouts, etc

Sample creators: Miltos, Sean Whalen, Paula Novotna

Fans are always the foundation in the creative industry. A public figure profile on Jemi can have items that incentivize fans to spend some dollars and become a part of your life.

There are many readily options on Jemi to forge these types of shop items with fans — give video shoutouts, send social media shoutouts, or set up a virtual meet and greets! You can also design the specifics — do you want monthly hangouts, one-on-one interactions, or personalized shoutouts? You can decide!

Consider setting up customized shop items. Check out Venom Trick Shots, a professional pool trickshot player. While he offers conventional interactions such as YouTube shoutouts and Instagram shoutouts, he also sells autographed cue balls. Exclusive merchandise is a good way to consolidate your fanbase and increase your recognition.

3. Are you an inspirational figure?

Type: a profile that centers around teaching and educational experiences.

Suggested interactions: Custom virtual interactions, feedback + advice

Sample creators: Omar, Megan Grant, Near Perfect Pitch, Venom Trick Shots

Training, tutorial, online courses….if you create educational content, this is the profile for you! Maybe you are an artist who offers drawing tutorials or perhaps you are a beauty guru who gives makeup tips, you can build a Jemi profile to charge your fans for premium lessons, advice, or other types of educational resources that you provide.

Jemi already has an option that fits an educator profile, simply choose “Provide Advice + Feedback” and specify what sort of suggestions you offer. However, you can also customize your educational service by choosing “Other.” Educational resources don’t have to be solely tutorials or lessons; on music podcast Near Perfect Pitch’s Jemi profile, fans can send them a song and they will respond with feedback.

4. Are you a video creator or podcaster?

Type: a profile that offers material video content for whatever fans are willing to pay.

Suggest items: simple donations, video shoutout, virtual meet & greet

Sample profiles: Love, Tori, Venom Trick Shots, Joon Lee, Sean Whalen, D&R

You are producing a long-term project and need crowdfunding. Asking your fans to make small donations doesn’t mean that you can’t offer something in return. Write a lovely message or let your supporters know the progress of your work!

You can also take advantage of your video-making background and give video shoutouts, send social media shoutouts, or host a virtual meet and greets! YouTuber Joon Lee sends his fans text messages or selfies for their simple donations and gives them public video shoutouts upon request.

Mix and Match!

More popular creators use some combination of these types on their Jemi profiles. Try to be:

  • Joon Lee: example of Public Figure and Video Creator
  • Wallis Doyle: example of Artist and Inspirational Figure
  • Love, Tori: example of Video Creator and Inspirational Figure

The combination is limitless. Comedian Joon Lee is a mix of a public figure and a video creator profile, whereas artist Wallis Doyle uses an artist and a public figure profile. Which profile types suit you?

Sign up on Jemi now and design your profile and start selling shop items! 🚀