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6 Unique Ways Creators are Using Jemi

6 Unique Ways Creators are Using Jemi

Creators are constantly coming up with innovative ways to engage with their fans. Here are 6 top creators who have come up with unique, fun interactions on Jemi

With the rise of social media and digitized creative tools, more creators than ever before are using online platforms to interact with their fans. Quick shoutouts and simple donations have become so common for many creators, and even though they are still effective, they can no longer retain fans’ long-term attention.

We know that creators want a variety of interactions with fans. That’s why Jemi allows creators to customize their profiles. Many creators on Jemi have already put this feature to good use by designing their one-of-a-kind interactions.

Dungeons & Randomness: Play videogames with me

Dungeons & Randomness’s “one-of-a-kind interaction” is to play video game sessions with D&R’s creator Jason. These sessions not only fulfill fans’ dream to play with one of their favorite creators but also allows D&R to bond with them on a more personal level.

“Jason will play in your online game for one session. We’ll make sure to find a time that works in the next few days. Get ready because he’ll bring the electronic dice.”

Sam Hurd: Public work critique & portfolio review

Photographer Sam Hurd is a new creator that recently joined Jemi, but he is already finding awesome ways to interact with his fans. Fans can learn from Sam and receive professional critique on their work.

Many fellow photographers have requested for Sam’s advice, which has become his most popular feature on Jemi.

“Please share a link to your portfolio. I will respond with a 15–20 min personalized video and a customized arrangement of your images for maximum impact.”

Seouljyu: Acting like your Asian mom

Rapper, comedian, and actor Seoljyu put a twist on conventional 1:1 video calls — fans can choose if they want Seoljyu to interact with them as an Asian mom. This comedic spin adds more character to his profile and immediately captures his fans’ curiosity.

“Choose this if you want to interact with me as an Asian mom. Don’t call me I’ll call you as all moms do.”

Joon Lee: Virtual dinner dates with me

Joon Lee has consistently been one of the most popular creators on Jemi. We have already covered his journey from only receiving a couple of requests in the first month to receiving more than twenty requests in two days — the addition of the virtual dinner date was a major factor in this change.

“Let’s do a 30 min dinner date. We each get our own food, eat dinner, and get to know each other!”

The customized interactions don’t need to be drastically different, just take another angle that you think your fans might like, and you will get unexpected results.

Bumblefoot: Virtual guitar jam session

Ron “Bumblefoot” has been hosting virtual meet & greets where he plays impromptu music and chats with a couple of fans about guitar techniques and his signature “Bumblefoot hot sauce”. These group hangouts have been popular because fans can have more personal interactions with their favorite guitarist.

“Join me and fellow fans around the world for our second virtual meet & greet on July 10 at 5 PM EST! This will include some impromptu jamming & a lot of other fun stuff.”

Crossworld TCG: Untap/OCTGN playtesting session

Joey Paladino aka Crossworld TCG on YouTube is also a new member to the Jemi family. Crossworld TCG’s fans are mostly players of the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game, so the option of playtesting sessions matches their interests perfectly.

“You must want to train like a Super Saiyan! If you decide to support the channel in this way, my gratitude will be insurmountable! To repay your kindness, we’re going to have a two-hour playtesting session on either OCTGN or Untap (your preference) where I break down your play habits and patterns bit by bit to help mold you into a better player!”

We truly believe that each creator has something unique to offer their fans. We strive to offer more customizable features for Jemi to be a platform that strengthens fan engagement.

Inspired to create your own unique way to interact with fans? Sign up and create a Jemi profile!