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Answering FAQs about Jemi

Answering FAQs about Jemi

What is Jemi?

Jemi is a creator monetization tool that allows creators to build a personal website where they can sell custom interactions to their fans.

Who uses Jemi?

Anyone who creates content and has an audience. You can be a YouTuber, musician, artist, nonprofit, photographer, podcaster….the list goes on.

Why should I use Jemi?

Jemi offers flexibility and customizability to both creators and their audiences. Creators can design any type of interaction that caters to their audiences. Fans can also choose to make one-time requests so creators can receive almost instant payouts.

How much time do I have to complete a request?

Creators have seven days to complete a request.

On Jemi, creators can delete, add, and update interactions whenever they want. Simply go to the “configure interactions” tab on the creator dashboard and make changes.

When do I get a payout?

Jemi pays creators daily. The payout is initiated when the creator completes the request.

What can I offer on Jemi?

1:1 video calls, group meet & greets, merch, you name it! You can always customize the title of these offerings to fit your personality and brand.

Can I cancel or change an interaction?

Yes! Go to the Jemi dashboard and choose the configure interactions tab. Creators can update the price and interaction type at any time.

You can see all your requests in the “request” tab on your dashboard. Jemi pays creators daily. Your payout is initiated once you complete the request.

Where can I see all my Jemi requests and payment history?

Go to the request tab on the Jemi dashboard. You can see all your pending and completed requests there.

How do I get paid?

You can use PayPal or connect your bank account directly!

Is there a mobile app for Jemi?

Not yet, but it is on our roadmap!

Still have questions?

Reach out to us at assistant@jemi.app. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.