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3 Features You Should Use on Jemi

3 Features You Should Use on Jemi

To set up your Jemi profile for success, it’s important to make your page stand out and appeal to your audience. We know that all creators are already super busy creating content, that’s why Jemi offers you with features that are great starting points to design unique profiles. By simply adding some custom elements, your profile will become more accessible and attractive to your specific audience.

Bio + Profile pic

Your bio and profile picture is the first section that your audience reads on your profile. Keep your bio concise; you can briefly introduce yourself and why you are using Jemi. Feel free to add some fun elements to your bio — a cute emoji, an inside joke, or anything that will show a little bit of your personality.

For the profile picture, we advise that you use a picture of yourself or a brand logo. Regardless of what exact photo you use, make sure your audience is able to identify you.


To help make it easy for your audience to find your profile page, we ask you to create a custom URL (i.e. vanity username). Choose a unique URL that is well-known to your fans. This way they can directly go to your page without having to search for it. For example, YouTuber Tori Monaco chose to use lovetori as her custom URL, because it is the name of her YouTube channel. You can also add your profile link to your social media account bio so fans know where to find it if they forget.

Interaction Description & Thumbnails

To encourage your audience to support and interact with you on Jemi, you need to make the interactions that you offer as attractive as possible. In the brief description of each interaction, highlight the benefits and value your fans will gain from supporting you. Make sure to be specific as to what exactly your supporter will receive. If it’s a video response, specify how long the video will be; if it’s a video call, specify how long the call will be and the general structure of the call. For the thumbnail of the interaction, consider using a GIF or image that will give a preview of what the fan will get once they make the payment.

As always, please reach out to assistant@jemi.app with any questions or if you need help setting up your profile!