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Honoring Cliff Simon

With the heaviest of hearts we share with our Jemi community that Cliff Simon has passed away. It’s been difficult for us to process the loss of a partner and dear friend.

From Syfy:

Cliff Simon, the actor best-known for his recurring role as the villainous Ba’al on the sci-fi series Stargate SG-1, died earlier this week at the age of 58. Simon’s wife Colette announced the news Thursday on his Facebook fan page, revealing that he’d passed away March 9 on Topanga Beach, California, in a tragic kiteboarding accident.

“A small saving grace to this tragedy is that he was doing one of the things he loved most and passed away on the beach near the water, which was his temple,” Colette Simon wrote. “I know this is a shock and will hit hard but we hope you can respect our need for privacy at this time.”

To many, Cliff was the cunning and charismatic villain, the rugged and spirited adventurer, the loving brother, husband, and friend.

To Jemi, he was our partner and champion.

Cliff was one of the first creators to ever join Jemi. He took a chance on a fledgling startup that was getting off the ground, making a bet on the company mission and team.

Throughout our entire journey together, Cliff was the best possible partner we could ever ask for. He always gave proactive feedback on the product, sending over feature suggestions and requests. He was always incredibly responsive. He even wished us a happy holidays last year thanking us for the work we were putting in.

Cliff meant so much to our team because he was a true believer. He believed in our mission and what we stood for. He believed in us as a team. He believed in us as people.

Cliff championed our product on social media and gave us hope in our hardest hours that what we were building was worth it.

For that, we will forever be grateful.

While heartbroken, we know that Cliff isn’t gone. His adventurous spirit and undeniable charisma will live with us forever.

— The Jemi Team