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How Eden Kai Uses Jemi to Stay Connected With His Fans

How Eden Kai Uses Jemi to Stay Connected With His Fans

By: Grace Chee

Welcome back to our Creator Spotlight series! In this spotlight, we are featuring Eden Kai! Eden is a famous musician who uses Jemi to connect with his audience. On Jemi, Eden is able to offer personalized experiences, merchandise, and music to his fans! Keep reading to learn more about how Eden uses Jemi to further his success as a musician.

Meet Eden

Eden Kai is a famous musician, most reputably known as a ukulele and guitar virtuoso, Pop / R&B singer-songwriter, and an accomplished actor. He has two instrumental albums Touch the Sky and Feel the Earth. He also has two albums released in Japan, Music for You and Home Sweet Home, with many of his songs being featured on Netflix’s popular show, Terrace House. Eden has also appeared as an actor in Shiro to Kiiro on Amazon Prime, Aloha Sommelier and Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai on Fuji TV. As a musician, Eden has over 100k followers on Instagram, and has performed at the Fuji Rock Festival, one of the largest music festivals in Japan.

How Eden Uses Jemi

Since Eden has so many fans, it can be difficult to interact with each of them in a personalized way on big platforms such as Instagram. Also, because of the pandemic, it is difficult for Eden to meet fans in person and stay connected. However, since joining Jemi, Eden is now able to showcase his music on a personal level and interact with fans virtually!

On Jemi, Eden offers 1:1 virtual hangouts, live corporate event bookings, online guitar / ukulele lessons, and signed merch from his album! As seen by those offerings, Eden is able to take full creativity with his Jemi page by choosing to offer services related to his own personal brand. Through these interactions, fans have been able to receive limited edition merch from Eden, and connect with Eden through personalized interactions.

How does he do it? To sell all these interactions, all Eden has to do is create a shop item on Jemi using Jemi’s easy drag and drop website builder. From there, Eden can create and offer any experience that he wants, and set the interactions to any price. After Eden promotes it on his social media, all he has to do is wait for the requests to roll in! Jemi makes it easy for creators to easy track all the requests and orders and respond directly to the fan for any follow up questions.

“Jemi is one of the best platforms to put your social media accounts, merch, websites, and links all on one website. They provide really nice services, and they are very consistent in responding to your messages.”

Eden’s Jemi Page and Success

Eden’s Jemi page has been tremendously successful in furthering his success as a musician. Here are some reasons that his page has performed well:

  1. Eden promotes his Jemi page on his social media
  • Driving traffic to your Jemi page will increase the chances of fans purchasing your items! He put his Jemi page as his main link in bio that’s made it much easier for his fans to easily find all of his Jemi offerings.

2. Eden offers a variety of prices depending on fans’ interests.

  • For example, for his virtual hangouts, Eden lets you choose the price based on how long you would like to meet with him!
  • By offering a variety of prices, fans are more likely to buy a creator’s shop items because of the increase in choice. Fans are able to choose a price to their liking and don’t have to worry about items being outside their purchasing range!

3. Eden’s shop items are descriptive and are in multiple languages.

  • By making your items descriptive, fans will know exactly what they’re purchasing and are more likely to be intrigued by your work!
  • Have fans across the world but they don’t share the same language? No worries! To make sure your page accommodates all your fans, you can type your descriptions in multiple languages.

Eden’s Top Three Tips for Success on Jemi

  1. Link your Jemi account in all your social media bios. By putting your link, everyone can easily click on it and check out your Jemi website immediately.

2. Since Jemi allows you to customize your profile freely, put the most important thing you want to feature on the top of your profile.

For example, I recently released a new single called Friendzone, and was able to put it as the top segment of my Jemi page. Embedding this song helped increase the streaming access to the song, such as the music video views on Youtube. - Eden

3. Make sure to provide a variety of services on your page. For example, in addition to selling merchandise, you can also include other services such as live Zoom performances for groups, individuals, and corporate events.

Closing Thoughts

We hoped you enjoyed this creator spotlight on Eden Kai! As seen by Eden, on Jemi, musicians have many opportunities to expand their creativity and stay connected to their audience. Eden’s interactions are only a few of the many things you can offer on Jemi -- the creativity you have on Jemi is endless! If you’re interested in more tips on creator monetization, feel free to check out other articles on our blog where we post more tips for creators!

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing assistant@jemi.app!