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How Greyhawk Online Uses Jemi to Connect With His Readers

How Greyhawk Online Uses Jemi to Connect With His Readers

By: Grace Chee

In today’s spotlight, we are featuring Greyhawk Online, an online publication that uses Jemi to accept donations, publish posts about their journal, and engage with its readers. Keep on reading to learn more about how Greyhawk Online uses Jemi to not only connect with readers, but also receive donations from its avid supporters.

Meet Kristoph Nolen and Greyhawk Online

Greyhawk Online is a publication dedicated to writing about The World of Greyhawk, a fictional world in the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. The owner / lead publisher of the company is Kristoph Nolen. The publication group also consists of volunteer artists, editors, and authors, all of who are supportive fans of the game. They publish the “Oerth Journal,” a quarterly magazine that gives insight on new / different features of the Greyhawk world.

Greyhawk Online also sponsors The Great Library of Greyhawk, the largest wiki site dedicated to The World of Greyhawk.

How Greyhawk Online Uses Jemi

Since Greyhawk Online includes volunteers, one of the greatest challenges is creating a way to accept donations so that its work can continue to be published. On platforms like Patreon, there are higher surcharges, longer payment arrivals, and no single donation options where creators can easily be sponsored. However, since joining Jemi, Greyhawk Online is now able to receive donations easily while continuing to interact with its readers!

One of the most successful ways Greyhawk Online has used Jemi is by setting up two different ways to receive donations. Greyhawk Online first has a “Single Donations” tab, where fans can donate the amount of their choice and receive editions of the “Oerth Journal” in return. Greyhawk Online also has a “Sustaining Donations” tab, where fans can join their membership to donate on a continual basis (rather than just a single time). By having these different options to receive donations, fans are free to donate whenever they’d like (rather than having to wait for the first day of the month like Patreon).

Another successful way Greyhawk Online uses its profile is by having an “About Greyhawk Online” tab. Here, Greyhawk Online gives a brief summary about its group and the “Oerth Journal,” allowing the audience to learn more about who they are. Greyhawk Online also has a “Posts” tab, where they make posts to interact with their fans and promote new editions of the “Oerth Journal” that are released. By having these tabs, Greyhawk Online is able to keep in touch with their audience and develop closer relationships!

How does Greyhawk Online do it? To set up donations, Greyhawk Online utilized Jemi’s multiple pages feature and added different pages corresponding to their different types of donations. For the “Single Donations” tab, they added a shop item block with the flexible pricing option, which has allowed supporters to choose their own donation amount. For their sustaining donations, Greyhawk Online added a membership block, where they were able to customize the price of the membership and detail its benefits. As seen by Greyhawk Online’s success, Jemi blocks are versatile, and can be used to fit the interaction you want!

There’s a lot of reasons we use Jemi … the biggest is probably client support from the creators.  They’ve really bent over backwards for us, and have made so many improvements based on feedback directly from us, to improve our experience.  There’s no other team we’d rather work with than Jemi!

Greyhawk Online’s Jemi Page and Success

Greyhawk Online’s Jemi page has been tremendously successful in receiving donations from their fans and continuing to spread enthusiasm about their online publication. Here are some reasons that Greyhawk Online’s page has performed well:

1) Greyhawk Online utilizes Jemi’s multiple pages feature

  • As seen by their different tabs, Greyhawk Online separates its different memberships and contents into multiple pages. By utilizing multiple pages, Greyhawk Online makes their content organized for fans to navigate through

2) Greyhawk Online makes their items exclusive

  • Since some of the donations come with editions of the “Oerth Journal” in return, Greyhawk Online advertises on their page that there are only a limited number available. By showing that there are only a few items remaining, Greyhawk Online compels their fans to donate sooner!

3) Greyhawk Online personalizes their page to fit their brand

  • Greyhawk Online customizes their background, link icons, and button colors to fit the color scheme of their logo!

4) Greyhawk Online uses posts to interact with their fans

  • By giving their fans updates through posts, Greyhawk Online provides a way for fans to stay in touch with them. Fans can like, comment, share, or even send tips on their posts, allowing Greyhawk Online to interact with their fans easily.

5) Greyhawk Online promotes their Jemi page on social media

  • Driving traffic to your Jemi page will increase the chances of fans making donations!

Greyhawk Online’s Top Three Tips for Success on Jemi:

  • Probably the single most important thing is to make your Jemi page unique!  There's a lot of funding pages out there, use Jemi's features to make your page stand out!  A background pic, other images, and highly visible buttons are a must.
  • Use all of Jemi's features that you can, without making it too busy or overly complex to the eye.  Research has shown if a user can't clearly identify elements, they are less likely to click on anything.
  • Keep choices to a fairly reasonable number.  If a client has too many choices, they tend to become overwhelmed and tend to over evaluate (the Hick-Hyman Law).  Offer plenty of choices without either restricting them to just one or two, or offering so many they have to read a long list and parse small differences between them.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this creator spotlight on Greyhawk Online! As seen by Greyhawk Online, on Jemi, you are never limited to a certain profession. You don’t have to be a musician, artist, or celebrity to create a profile -- you can be any type of creator you want! Greyhawk Online’s profile is a great example of how creators can use Jemi to receive support from fans, and share enthusiasm about your work together. If you’re interested in more examples of how creators are using Jemi, feel free to check out other creator spotlights on our blog!

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing assistant@jemi.app!