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How Joon Lee Creates Entertainment on Jemi

How Joon Lee Creates Entertainment on Jemi

Joon Lee wants to create entertainment with a purpose. By interacting with his fans on Jemi, he is donating all of his proceeds to supporting BLM and COVID-19 relief efforts.

Joon Lee, a comedian and creator of iconic personas such as “AhJoonma” and well known for his short skits like “watches kdrama once”, was one of the first creators to onboard onto Jemi. After Joon first launched on Jemi in April, the turnout was “ok”; he received only 5 requests from fans in his first month. ​

​Yet, when he relaunched his profile three weeks ago, he saw an instant change on his profile — in a matter of two days, Joon received more than forty requests and has raised over $1600, which he has donated in full to support COVID-relief efforts and Black Lives Matter movement.

So what has really changed since Joon first launched until now? Here are some reasons why Joon’s new Jemi profile has become more successful.

Fun interactions that appeal to fans

The most highly requested interactions on Joon’s Jemi profile is the “1:1 Virtual Dinner Dates”, which is a completely new, customized interaction that he added before he relaunched.

“I thought a virtual meet & greet would be fun, and to add more flare I re-titled it into a dinner date. This is our chance to chat, get to know each other, and for my followers to get to know me on a more personal basis.”

Joon has loved all of these virtual dinner dates as much as his fans. “I have been thoroughly enjoying all my interactions and have been pleasantly surprised at how sweet each individual is. Someone has something interesting to bring to the table and it has been helping me see there are so many fascinating people with great stories to tell.”

Takeaway #1: Reflect on your audience — What are your fans interested in? What do your fans like about your content? Don’t worry if you are still figuring out your fanbase or do not have specific interactions in mind, assistants on Jemi are here to help creators generate ideas that are unique to their relationships with fans.

Make a post on Instagram

With the relaunch of his Jemi Profile, Joon had a specific goal in mind, and he made his intentions clear by posting on his social media accounts.

“Many of us want to help/donate but don’t know where to start, so I want to be that MIDDLE man for you while providing some entertainment and laughter. If you book me on @jemiapp I’ll be donating 100% of my proceeds for the next 1–2 weeks towards COVID and BLM.”

When Joon launched for the first time, he only created an IG story that lasted for 24 hours.

The second time he launched, Joon created a post to introduce Jemi to his fans. In the Instagram caption, Joon was candid and upfront with his fans — he told them what he intends to do, how he wants to deliver content, and how they can support him. Keeping your fans updated on your goals and projects will help them better understand you as a creator and why you are using Jemi.

More importantly, adding his Jemi profile link on his Instagram bio definitely made it easier for his fans to access his page. We recommend creators to include their link in bios on their social media platforms so that their fans can find them easily even if they lose your link from the initial post. ​

Takeaway #2: Create a post on Instagram (and/or Facebook) clearly explaining how you plan to use Jemi to your fans & link your Jemi profile directly in your IG bio so that your fans can easily find the link.

“I like Jemi’s versatility and customization within the platform. It is more than just a “shoutout” app and allows creators to connect with fans and followers on a more intimate level.”

By following all the steps above, Joon’s success story can be yours too! We will continue to provide guides and examples of how to build popular profiles on Jemi. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by assistant@jemi.app.