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How Photographer Sam Hurd Uses Jemi

A new member of Jemi, photographer Sam Hurd is gaining maximum value by skillfully navigating the platform.

Photographer Sam Hurd has been capturing breathtaking, whimsical, and imaginative photos of newlyweds for almost a decade. Since joining Jemi at the beginning of July, Sam has become one of the most popular creators on the platform. Portfolio Reviews and IG Shoutouts & Public Critique are the most highly requested interactions on his profile so far, with him providing thoughtful critique to his fans’ photography work.

Sam has been shooting weddings full-time for about 9 years. He initially fell in love with the craft by taking photos of his co-workers’ weddings when he was working as a staff photographer at the National Press Club. His website features a portfolio capturing the most romantic, whimsical, and important moments in many people’s lives.

Jemi’s awesome landing page and friendly assistants immediately led Sam to believe that the platform was compatible with his goals. “It’s rare that a service can define so clearly what problem they’re trying to solve for you,” Sam said, “and that built trust that I would be taken care of right away as I began to build my interactions (with fans).”

Watch Sam’s IG TV explaining Jemi to his audiences here

As a client on other creator monetization platforms, Sam knows how to switch up his engagements with fans and promote differently according to the features offered by each platform. The individual interactions that Jemi prioritize are perfect for Sam to offer one-on-one interactions to his audience.

While the flexibility of Jemi has allowed Sam to experiment, the structured system of completing requests has also helped him to set an organized schedule for responding to fans. “I need systems in place that hold me accountable outside of my own preferences, and knowing that JEMI has a 7-day limit before the interaction expires really helps me see every request through to completion.”

When brainstorming ideas of what types of interactions to provide, Sam considers feedback from his audience and then references the market to determine prices. After setting an initial list of interactions, he then refines and adjusts it based on the reception — “The interactions that booked the most I upped the price of, and the interactions that booked the least I lowered the price, changed up what was included, or cut altogether.”

He advises other creators to also do the same. “Don’t be afraid to experiment! You don’t have to commit to whatever you come up with in the first draft. Be highly sensitive to market forces, and make changes accordingly. Some months will be better than others, and don’t be afraid to launch an advertising campaign to help support growth after you’ve tapped outreach from your established audience.”

Check out Sam’s profile and see how he navigates Jemi yourself. If you are a creator and are eager to try out Jemi, sign up today!