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How The Asian Talk uses Jemi to Provide Support for the Asian Community

How The Asian Talk uses Jemi to Provide Support for the Asian Community

By: Grace Chee

In this creator spotlight, we are featuring The Asian Talk. The Asian Talk is a platform that uses Jemi to educate others about Asian hate, receive donations to help others, and provide resources for supporting Asian culture. Continue reading to learn more about The Asian Talk uses Jemi to unite their community and elevate Asian voices.

Meet Sammi Mo and The Asian Talk

Sammi Mo, Founder of The Asian Talk

Sammi Mo is the founder and director of The Asian Talk, a platform dedicated to celebrating Asian culture and empowering Asian identities. Their content primarily takes place on their Instagram account (@theasiantalk) and started in 2021 after the rise in Asian hate. Sammi uses @theasiantalk to post about topics such as racism and Asian culture, in hopes of spreading awareness about the Asian community.

How The Asian Talk Uses Jemi

Given the rise in Asian hate, it is extremely important that all the resources to help are organized on a single platform so that they can be easily accessible to others. Organizing links can be difficult on Instagram, since it can end up being tedious for followers to search through individual posts for certain links. However, by using Jemi, The Asian Talk is able to easily direct their audience to the link in their bio, and organize all their resources on one platform!

One of the most successful ways The Asian Talk has used Jemi is by incorporating resources to other links on their page. For example, The Asian Talk includes links to fundraisers, educational websites, and other companies’ platforms to stop Asian hate. By having all their resources posted on Jemi, their audience is able to see all the possible ways they could support the Asian community.

As you can see, The Asian Talk has all their resources linked so their audience can easily navigate them!

Another successful way The Asian Talk has used Jemi is by having a button for donations! The Asian Talk has a section called “Simple Support” where fans are able to donate any amount of their choice. By having this feature on Jemi, The Asian Talk is able to accept donations at any time, and easily organize all their money from donations in one place.

How do they do it? To create these features, The Asian Talk goes to their Jemi dashboard, and adds the blocks of their choice. For example, to promote resources, The Asian Talk adds a link block, where they are able to link any website, Instagram post, fundraiser, etc. To set up donations, The Asian Talk uses the shop item block and turns on “flexible pricing” so that they can have the audience donate any amount of their choice.

“I love how Jemi is an easy, accessible & diverse service. I’m even happier to be able to support an amazing, Asian led business.”

The Asian Talk’s Jemi Page and Success

The Asian Talk’s Jemi page has been tremendously successful in promoting Asian resources and unifying their community. Here are some reasons for why their page has performed well:

1) The Asian Talk drives traffic to their page using social media

  • The Asian Talk incorporates their Jemi page as the link in their bio on Instagram, allowing anyone who visits their page to easily access their resources

2) The Asian Talk personalizes their page to fit their brand

  • The Asian Talk utilizes a customized photo of their platform as their background, and also changes the colors of their buttons to grey. Having a customized website makes their website more cohesive and authentic!

3) The Asian Talk is specific with their link titles

  • When promoting resources, The Asian Talk uses specific names such as “Help 94-year-old Anh Taylor '' or “AAAJ Collective Community Statement” so that their audience can immediately know what the specific links are for.

4) The Asian Talk utilizes the follow form

  • Having a follow form easily allows the audience to subscribe to The Asian Talk and get updates when they add new resources!

The Asian Talk’s three tips for Jemi:

  1. "Put your Jemi webpage in your “link in bio” field on social media"
  2. "Frequently direct people to your link in bio or use the swipe up function with your Jemi link"
  3. "Customize your Jemi profile with different colors, fonts, pictures, and backgrounds"

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this creator spotlight on Sammi and The Asian Talk! As seen by The Asian Talk, Jemi’s websites can be used for many purposes. They don’t always have to be used for creator monetization, and can actually be used as community websites for resources! The options on Jemi are endless -- it is up to you on what you would like to create. The Asian Talk’s profile is a great example of how you can utilize your Jemi page to speak about important issues, and elevate others’ voices. If you’re interested in more examples of how creators are using Jemi, feel free to check out other creator spotlights on our blog!

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing assistant@jemi.app!