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How to Build an EPK Online

How to Build an EPK Online
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Calling all musicians---building an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) is essential to showcase your music and build your online presence. An EPK is a digital promotional package that musicians can send to talent buyers or places at which they would like to perform at. Whether you’re releasing a new single, pitching to a radio station, or trying to book shows, by using a website template you can easily create an EPK online to create a public presence!

It can be daunting to know where to start building an EPK online, but it can be covered in three easy steps.

  1. What’s your goal?

Most EPKs are used to create a public audience--and to get your music out there. The key to making a successful EPK is to make it easy and accessible for a blogger/radio station to promote your music.

With a strong EPK, you can create a good buzz for your music and gain more listeners!

2. Put all your content in one place.

As a creator, it’s likely that you have different types of content online - ranging from music, photos, videos, and more. It’s important to keep all of your content in one place. By keeping all of the files, images, and documents that you want to put on your EPK in one folder, it’ll make for an easy upload and transition onto the template.  

Here are some things you might want to include in the folder:

  • A bio: Include a couple of sentences about who you are and what you’re about! Your music isn’t the only place that you can show off your personality :)
  • A quote: If you’ve been covered by the press in the past, or have a favourite line or two of yours that you want to share with your listeners, this is the place to share it!
  • Music: Here’s where you shine! Don’t forget to include any MP3s, videos, and links to your music.
  • Social media links: Social media is an easy place to grow and build a public audience. It’s also easy to share links/posts to other people and connect with other artists..

3. Move your EPK content to a website.

With Jemi, you can use our templates and easily upload your content to our website templates to organize your projects in an aesthetically pleasing way. Browse and interact with our templates to find the right one for you and your music.

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