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How to Use Instagram Link in Bio Effectively (2022)

How to Use Instagram Link in Bio Effectively (2022)

The infamous “link-in-bio” seems to be everywhere nowadays. Individuals and businesses alike have leveraged the ability to add a link to their Instagram bio to turn casual Instagram users into customers.

In this post, we outline how to get the most out of your link in bio on Instagram. Let’s get right into it.

Oftentimes, when someone mentions a link in bio in their posts, they are referring to a call to action for the user to click the URL in their bio.

Given that Instagram limits one link to your profile’s bio, it is essential to consolidate all your important content and links into one “link-in-bio”. There are many platforms available that are designed for you to put together all your key link destinations and share them via a single consolidated URL. This allows you to create a custom landing page with all the relevant links you want to share.

A link in bio makes the user experience more seamless as they can easily access all relevant links in one place, meaning you’re less likely to lose out on potential leads and traffic. Additionally, this gives you freedom to highlight any content you want simply by saying the well known phrase “link in bio”.

Here at Jemi, we know how important your link in bio is. This is why we’ve built the best link-in-bio website, designed for creators and businesses to boost engagement and showcase their content. Here’s how you can add your Jemi page to your Instagram.

  1. Create a free Jemi page to showcase all of your content and links.
  2. Once you navigate to your profile, click the “Edit Profile” button next to your profile picture. This will direct you to a page where you can add a “Website”.
  3. Copy and paste your Jemi website URL, which should be in the format jemi.so/[your username], into the Website tab. Click Submit when you’re done!

It’s as simple as that! You'll never have to worry about constantly swapping the link in your bio now that you can update all of your content and links through your Jemi website!

Now that you’ve learned how to create and set up a link in bio link in bio page, let’s go through some ways you can use your link in bio to promote your business.

  1. Provide links to all your other social media accounts to promote your brand
  2. Create and display an about page where followers can learn more
  3. Hype up a product launch or new sale
  4. Send followers to best selling products
  5. Direct followers to a video, blogpost, or other content you want to promote
  6. Get followers involved in a competition or giveaway

These are just a few examples of how to effectively utilize your link in bio. In the end, the best part of a link in bio is that it is fully customizable to you and all comes down to what goals you are trying to achieve.

Closing thoughts

By following the steps outlined in this blogpost, adding your link in bio can be a great way to generate traffic, attract quality leads, and help move them along the conversion funnel. Take your link in bio to the next level with Jemi. Get started for free today!

If you require assistance you can access Jemi’s help center here or reach out to the support team at assisant@jemi.app.