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How to Grow your TikTok Using Jemi

How to Grow your TikTok Using Jemi

By: Grace Chee

New to Jemi but not sure how to maximize your experience here as a Tiktoker? You’ve come to the right place! Jemi is the perfect platform for Tiktokers: it allows you to continue interacting with your fans, sell personalized experiences, merchandise, and even provide exclusive content - all while making money! In this article, we’re going to explore how Tiktokers can optimize their experience on Jemi and continue sharing their creativity with others.

First Step, Create a Profile and Link Your Tiktok!

On Jemi, you want fans to know that it is genuinely you. The first thing you want to do is link your Tiktok account, so that fans (or even people who discover you on Jemi!) can see your TikTok associated account.

You can do this by going to your "Jemi Dashboard” and clicking on the “Edit Profile Content” tab on the left hand side. When you scroll down, you should see a link to type in your social media handles. Once this is done, you can see the Tiktok underneath your profile! Here’s Tiktoker Simon Shi’s profile as an example:

We also recently released this new feature where you can customize your social media links using "blocks". Just go to your dashboard again click on "Page Builder". Then, click on “Add block.” Here, you can link your Tiktok account and customize it to where you want on your page. Here is an example of Simon’s Jemi Profile again:

By using blocks, your links will be easily accessible to fans on Jemi. Feel free to move around the links to whatever order you’d like!

Create Memberships!

Want to provide your audience with monthly content such as Zoom interactions, merch, or exclusive content? Create a membership on Jemi! Jemi memberships allow you to earn consistent monthly payments while creating strong relationships with your fans - keep in mind that you can offer anything in your membership! You hold the creativity on how you would like to interact with your audience. Some ideas could include sharing Tiktok secrets, opportunities to create Tiktok collabs with your fans, Q&As, and many more! All you have to do is go on “Page Builder'' and click "Add block" --> “Memberships”. You'll then be able to customize your membership description and price.

Here is Tiktoker Darla Eliza’s Jemi membership as an example. As you can see, Darla is able to receive a stable, recurring income, while giving fans the content & interactions they want:

Create Virtual Interactions!

Similar to Tiktok’s “livestream” feature, you can interact with fans on Jemi through virtual meetings or personalized videos. Unlike Tiktok, Jemi does not take 50% of your earnings! You can get paid by fans directly, instead of having to wait for the tedious coins to gifts to diamonds conversion on Tiktok. What you would like to share in these meetings is up to you! Some ideas include Q&A’s, creating shoutout videos, or sharing any content related to what you are known for on Tiktok.

To create a virtual interaction, just go to “Page Builder” and click on “Shop Item.” The service will stay on your profile as long as you want it to. Unlike Tiktok, you do not have to consistently create livestreams everyday only to find that people aren’t active; With Jemi, you can set up an interaction that works best for both you and your fans!

Here is Laila Hobbs’s Jemi profile as an example. On Tiktok, Laila is known for her relationship with her boyfriend Bretten, so she chooses to post relationship related services on Jemi! Take a look:

Also, keep in mind that interactions do not always have to be paid! Sometimes if you are a new Tiktoker, you may want to create free content so you can grow your audience first. If this is the case, just go to the “Membership” tab in “Edit Profile” and scroll down to the button “Add Free Tier.” This will allow you to create a membership just like any other Jemi profile, except fans will have access to it for free! You are free to switch the free tier back to the paid tier whenever you’d like.

Another Way to Connect with Your Fans: Follow Form!

Sometimes if fans are new, they may not immediately subscribe to a membership. No worries! On Jemi, you can engage with these new fans by creating a follow form: a follow form allows you to receive the emails of your fans, and still engage with them through newsletters. You are free to post anything in these newsletters: updates, sneak peeks of content, new projects, thoughts of the day, anything! Just go to “Page Builder” and click on the block “Follow form.” After that, wait for the emails to roll in!

Share Your Jemi Page!

Last but not least, share your Jemi page! Each Jemi profile has a unique profile link that you can share on your Tiktok. Just go to the “Home” tab on the Jemi Profile and scroll down to find your unique link! It is usually jemi.app/username. By sharing your profile, you will allow your Tiktok fans to start buying your services on Jemi to grow your audience!

Closing Thoughts

These are just a few of the many things you can do on the Jemi platform. The options are endless! Whichever method you choose, we are sure Jemi will help you grow your income  and expand your creativity as a Tiktoker! If you are interested in more tips, feel free to check out other posts on our blog.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing us at assistant@jemi.app!