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Jemi Page Builder (Beta Launch)

Jemi Page Builder (Beta Launch)

by Annie Hwang and Sameer Rao

It’s here! Over the past few months, we’ve received many requests for a revamped, more customizable Jemi profile that allows you to showcase everything – from your social links to changing your background to reordering your Jemi shop easily.

We’re so excited to bring to you the Jemi Page Builder. This new update is filled to the brim with highly requested features and some surprises. This post will cover everything you need to know on how to use the new Page Builder (still in beta!) to make your Jemi profile your own.

What are blocks?

With the new Jemi Page Builder, you can customize your profile with blocks. Blocks are any drag-and-drop items on your profile. From shop items to your membership to links to music, blocks are the new fundamental parts of your profile.

So many different types of blocks! We’ll be adding more in the future!

Feature links on your page

One of the requests we’ve received from creators is the ability to link to social media or external websites. Our link blocks now allow you to add links to your Jemi profile and customize where on the page you want it to be displayed.

Our Jemi Profile links to a number of our social media & website links!

Many of our creators have multiple social media sources & their own websites – the link block is perfect for you!

Embed videos & audio

You can also embed videos (Youtube, Vimeo, etc) and audio (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc) on Jemi so you can showcase all of your awesome content!

Check out how Simon embeds his Youtube video!

Customize your Jemi profile background image

You can also customize the background of your Jemi profile with a background photo and filter! To do this, simply navigate:

Edit Profile → Page Builder → Style → Background style

Check out these profile backgrounds!

Background photos are the perfect way to express yourself and customize your page. Upload a photo that you love, apply a filter, and Jemi will take care of the rest!

Choose a profile theme

You can also add a theme for your Jemi profile, which will set the background and buttons of your profile to specific colors. Here’s what our current themes include:

We’ll be adding more themes with time!

Themes are an easy way to get your profile looking great in no time!

The dark, blue button theme

Re-order blocks on your Jemi profile

It’s here! One of our most highly requested features was for the ability to easily reorder blocks on your Jemi profile. With the new profile builder, you can easily move blocks around in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Drag-and-drop reordering

Create a follow form

Follow forms are another type of block that allows you to collect emails of your followers. This is perfect for a few reasons:

  • You can give email updates to those who follow whenever you post on Jemi or list a new shop item
  • You can collect emails for an external newsletter, email list, or project launch
  • You can connect with your followers to alert them of anything from life updates to new Youtube videos (especially helpful if Youtube suppresses your video from subscribers’ feeds)

There are many more blocks not covered in this blog post – feel free to explore, test, and try building your new Jemi profile. We hope the additional customization will allow Jemi to fully be your link in bio and truly be the one-stop place for your fans.

Please reach out to assistant@jemi.app with any questions and feedback!