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How Love, Tori Builds Personal Interactions on Jemi

How Love, Tori Builds Personal Interactions on Jemi

YouTuber Tori Monaco’s channel Love, Tori has been loved by her audience for its inspirational and personal content. She now brings the same personal touch to her interactions on Jemi.

Tori Monaco, more widely known as Love, Tori from YouTube, was one of the early creators that joined Jemi. Now one of the most popular creators on Jemi, Tori shares the reasons why she chose Jemi and how she has managed a successful Jemi profile. ​​

On her YouTube channel, Tori posts vlogs, questions and answers, and videos that give personal life advice to fans. She has carried over the same passion for adventures, challenges, and love to Jemi, where she has been able to have more personalized interactions with her fans. ​​

“My overall experience with Jemi so far has been great. My fans have seemed to love the content and the multiple options available.”

How Love, Tori Uses Jemi

​Her most popular types of interactions on Jemi are Public Shoutouts, Answering Questions, and 1:1 Video Calls. For each of these interactions, Tori includes short descriptions, thanking her fans for their support and offering to provide personalized support for them as well. ​

​Aside from one-time interactions, Tori also started offering her fans the option to subscribe monthly. This recent addition to her Jemi page allows fans to gain access to exclusive weekly videos and be able to ask questions that she will respond to in the following week’s video.

How Love, Tori Shares Jemi With Her Fans

“I have posted mostly on my Instagram and YouTube Community pages encouraging my followers to get to know me better.” ​

Creators are encouraged to post their Jemi profile links to their social media platforms — which is exactly what Tori did. She has also posted her personalized shoutouts on her IG stories and saved them as IG Highlights, so fans can find her Jemi link even after the story is no longer available. Check out her thank you video for the first fan on Jemi. ​

“I love the personalized assistance I get with my (profile)….In comparison to Cameo I love how easy it is to chat with Jemi assistants, how helpful and easy it is to share….Payout with Jemi is much better too!”

Jemi assistants are available through email, assistant@jemi.app if you have any questions related to your profile. If you don’t have a profile yet, sign up and create your profile today! For more information on Jemi’s payment model, differences between Jemi and other platforms supporting creators, and the type of interactions you can design on Jemi, visit our previous blog posts. ​