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3 Easy Online Side Hustles for Students (2022)

3 Easy Online Side Hustles for Students (2022)

At first glance, making money as a student can seem quite difficult. After all, most professions demand some level of competence or experience, and the majority of employment opportunities for students, such as fast food, do not provide adequate compensation.

However, if you are a college student in today's world, you have a significant benefit that your parents did not have. You have the Internet, which is a huge open market where anyone (even students) can make money.

This article will cover 3 easy to start and flexible methods & side hustles for students looking to make money online.

1. Creating a Blog

Are you passionate about a specific topic? Do you have good knowledge of an area of interest? If so, blogging is something you should try. Not only can blogging generate you money, but it allows you to build a like-minded community and meet new people.

So how can writing a blog generate you money? While ads is the obvious one, another common method that bloggers make money from their blogs is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where bloggers can make a commission promoting a product made by another business.

The largest and most well known affiliate marketing program is Amazon Associates. Every time a visitor to your blog clicks on one of the Amazon affiliate links and ends up buying the product, you will get paid. As Amazon sells a wide variety of products, we highly recommend signing up to their affiliate program.

Other than ads and affiliate marketing, people have made money through blogs by writing sponsored content, offering services and much more.

So how do you create a website to house your blog?

The best and easiest way to build a website is using a free website builder called Jemi. Jemi’s easy to use drag and drop interface and custom templates will leave you with all the tools to create a beautiful blog site. Sign up here for free today and get started building your site.

Check out this guide on blogging here for more tips and tricks!

2. Freelance work on sites such as Fiverr

Fiverr is a prominent freelancing marketplace where you can earn money by providing a variety of services. The most popular jobs include digital and creative services, such as graphic design and web design, but there are hundreds of job categories to choose from.

We know students can be super busy with school, extracurriculars and hanging out with friends. A major advantage freelancing on Fiverr is the offered flexibility. Given that you are able to set your delivery times and have the ability to put gigs on hold, this part time job will not be too much of a burden on your day to day.

The services offered on Fiverr are extremely diverse. Here are some examples of tasks on Fiverr that are applicable for tech-savvy students.

  • Editing videos for Instagram, TikTok, Youtube
  • Designing graphics for various social media platforms
  • Helping small businesses manage social media accounts

These tasks are super easy to learn and always in demand!

To increase your chances of landing a gig, we highly recommend creating a personal portfolio website to allow prospective customers to get to know you and your experiences better. Check out this quick guide here to learn how to create your own website “resume”.

3. Completing Surveys

Although the amount paid is less than the mentioned above, online surveys are the most flexible. You can do surveys whenever you have a few spare minutes. With most survey websites/apps available on mobile devices, you can take surveys on your phone from anywhere.

If you want to start earning money as soon as possible, surveys are the way to go.

The following sites are some of the best options for doing online surveys.


By taking online surveys, watching videos, installing certain apps and much more you will be able to earn points. Using these points, you are able to redeem gift cards or just cash. Out of all survey websites, Swagbucks provides the most opportunities to earn money.

Survey Junkie

If you are looking for surveys that are geared towards your interests, Survey Junkie is perfect for you.


LifePoints is a great way to get surveys done quickly. While surveys on websites can sometimes take upwards of 20 minutes, surveys on LifePoints can be done in under 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts

From starting your own blog to offering services on Fiverr, making money on the internet as a student has never been more flexible. There has never been a better time to get started!

To take your blog and freelancing work to the next level, try Jemi, a free website builder. With Jemi, you can easily build your own stunning website to suit any purpose.

For a more in-depth guide on Jemi visit here and if you need help check out the help center or reach out at assistant@jemi.app.