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Switching to our jemi.so domain

Switching to our jemi.so domain
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Starting 11/09/21, all instances of our .app domain will redirect to our .so domain for branding purposes. There will be no changes in functionality.

Since day one, our focus at Jemi has been on supporting creatives and entrepreneurs around the world. A big part of this focus has been listening intently to user feedback.

Specifically, we’ve noticed some confusion around our .app domain. While the TLD itself is clean, we’re primarily a web-based website builder and not a mobile app.

We will continue becoming the best possible website builder for creatives and growing our toolkit to provide value in areas like customer engagement, marketing tools, etc. And while we do have exciting plans around mobile coming up, we figured it’d be better to cut down on this confusion in the short-term.

Moving forward, our .so domain will be Jemi’s new home. Jemi.so has a nice ring to it!

We like .so for its cleanliness and brevity, and many great companies like Notion have popularized the TLD for the next generation.

All instances of our .app domain will now redirect to our .so domain, with no change in functionality. For instance, jemi.app/brandon will redirect cleanly to jemi.so/brandon and jemi.app/templates will redirect to jemi.so/templates.

This ensures that our branding will remain consistent across all platforms.

We’re excited to build this next chapter together with you! 🚀

— The Jemi Team