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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events on Jemi

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events on Jemi
Photo by Charles Deluvio / Unsplash

Organizing virtual events can be challenging, but don’t worry! Jemi is here to make your life easier with an ultimate guide to hosting the best event online.

While the ongoing pandemic has forcibly moved physical events online, many are now realizing that virtual events aren’t just a plan B to damage control; online conferences, meet & greets and performances aave some cool perks of their own.

Virtual events are low-cost, high capacity, and have no barrier to attendance. Creators can now reach their audience without worrying about travel, venue size, and mobility concerns. Of course, the similarity of hosting a virtual event with a physical one is that they all might have some hiccups if not planned correctly. We’ve compiled a round-up of ways to make your virtual events run smoothly online on Jemi!

1. Pick a fun title

Every event needs to have a marketing strategy, and it all starts with the name. Although you’re hosting a virtual event, you should still have a key goal or concept. It doesn’t need to be super complicated; your theme can depend on the type of creator you are and what your audience wants to see. Are you a fitness or health vlogger? Organize a group workout session! Are you a creator that is related to art and entertainment? Host a live show or do a q & a session to engage with your fans!

Many creators on Jemi have already put some fun twists on their virtual events. Comedian Joon Lee calls his virtual meet & greets 1:1 dinner dates where he and his fans will get food and get to know each other through the screen. Guitarist Bumblefoot’s meet & greets gathers all his followers for an impromptu guitar jam session.

2. Promote your virtual event

After setting a theme and time for your event, it’s time to promote it. Share the event details through your newsletter or through your social media. You can create an Instagram event countdown or a Facebook event, including your Jemi profile link. You can even create an event hashtag to generate more conversation online. For reference, see how Bumblefoot promotes his monthly meet & greets with fans.

3. Test your technology

Just like in-person events, there could be glitches in a virtual event too. Before starting the event, make sure to test your speaker, audio, and internet connection. If possible, prepare a backup video communication tool. Jemi assistants will help you and your fans along the way in case of any technical difficulties.

4. Get feedback from participants

To help plan your next virtual event, it’s important to get feedback from your attendees! At the end of the call, make sure to ask how they’ve liked the event and if they have any suggestions for you to make it better.

5. Do it all over again!

Start planning your next virtual event right now! If you have more questions or need advice on hosting a virtual event on Jemi, contact assistant@jemi.app.