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This is Jemi: Rebecca Wu

This is Jemi: Rebecca Wu
Rebecca hard at work on a woodworking project

By: Sarika Karra

Welcome back to Jemi's blogs! Since our community is growing bigger, we decided to start a spotlight series sharing the stories and experiences of our amazing team members over here at Jemi who've been using the platform to bring their own creative visions to life.

Today we're chatting with Rebecca Wu, Jemi's talented social media strategist and community engagement manager, about what she loves most about Jemi and what she likes to feature on her personal site!

Why did you decide to join the Jemi team?
RW: I joined Jemi because I think Jemi’s mission of providing creators and entrepreneurs an easy way of building a customizable website is very valuable in today’s world. With so many people looking to build a following or establish their online presence, I wanted to be a part of the Jemi team to help new and existing creators connect with their audiences and find unique ways to showcase their content.

What is your role on the team and what are you involved in?
RW: I was brought on as a marketing intern who was mainly going to be focusing on Instagram and TikTok content creation. However, my role at Jemi has evolved based on my interests and what additional projects I thought I would be able to help out on to further Jemi’s growth. I am now involved in creating Jemi’s website templates, creating the assets/copy of the creator newsletter, engaging with the Jemi discord community, and managing Jemi’s Instagram account.

Thor's Hammer, that Rebecca fashioned out of wood

What do you mainly use Jemi for?
RW: I mainly use Jemi as a personal website to showcase my projects and highlight the most recent projects I have been involved in. On my website, you can find pictures of my woodworking/metalworking projects, paper illustrations, and other creative activities I like to engage in!

Why did you choose to use Jemi for your personal page?
RW: I chose to use Jemi because it is such an easy tool to use to create a website that suited my needs. There are so many features that allowed me to customize my website to my liking and I love how the Jemi team is constantly adding new ways to showcase content based on the feedback they hear from their users.

Rebecca's paper art illustrations, inspired by the real deal

Favorite customization tool on Jemi that you can’t go without?
RW: My favorite customization tool on Jemi that I can’t go without is the responsive layout feature. The responsive layout ensures that my website looks good on both desktop and mobile which is very important to me because I want people to be able to see my content clearly on both their phone and desktops!

We hope you enjoyed this team member spotlight on Rebecca and love how she showcases her passion and talent for her creative endeavors on her Jemi page. If you’re interested in more examples of how creators are using Jemi, feel free to check out other creator spotlights on our blog and stay tuned for more team member spotlights! In the meantime, you can find Rebecca at jemi.so/rebeccawu.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see) by emailing assistant@jemi.app!