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This is Jemi: Sana Raisfirooz

This is Jemi: Sana Raisfirooz

By: Tej Sharma

Sana Raisfirooz. Student. Creator. Learner. Sana is currently Jemi's strategy and growth intern and a valuable asset to the team. She speaks about her experience with Jemi, as a YouTube content creator and as a first year university student at Western.

She was first introduced to Jemi as she joined the inaugural iteration of Jemi’s product management fellowship program in November 2021. After the one-month program, Sana continued to work with Jemi as she was onboarded as an intern to help grow the company. After 5 months with the company, Sana’s role has evolved as she is responsible for facilitating partnerships and panels at Harvard University, Purdue University, University of Waterloo, and Western University.

Why did you decide to join the Jemi team?

SR: I joined Jemi because I was immediately captivated by the world-class team and people that make up the company. I wanted to surround myself and continue to learn from people that actively inspired me.

What do you mainly use Jemi for?

SR: I primarily use Jemi as my personal website, similar to a link-in-bio. I give links to my socials and YouTube videos to drive social interactions. In the future, I plan to continue working on it to evolve it to more of a portfolio. I often find that I have created a lot of content, but don’t have anywhere to display it.

Favourite customization tool on Jemi that you can’t go without?

SR: I love the aesthetic you can achieve with all the amazing templates offered! There’s a little something for everyone! With this, I cannot go without the easy web linking feature! I use this in my personal website all the time to give people quick and easy access with just one click to my various social media accounts including my Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Tell us a little bit about your YouTube channel?

SR: I started my channel to create university videos for Canadian schools, as I found that most content on YouTube was primarily focused on American schools. After spending months researching many science focused universities and programs, I wanted to share my knowledge to save a lot of people hours of research. From there, I’ve also made videos for Notion templates and tutorials and to share personal experiences. Moving forward, I plan to continue evolving the channel by, once again, synthesizing my research into new topics such as finance and investing. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel :)

For any other students and creators considering using Jemi, do you have any tips that you want to share with them to set up an aesthetic website and store?

SR: Through my journey of creating my website, I’ve learned a variety of useful tips! First, I want everyone to know, “less is more,” meaning it is sometimes better to take aspects away is the answer rather than adding more to keep things simplistic. Make sure to keep in mind the user’s journey and experience as they go through your site. Think to yourself - what action would you like them to take after visiting your website? How are you going to ensure the purpose of your website is being met? Overall, it comes to being intentional with how you structure and what is put into your site. Be sure you are conveying your message!