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The Best 3 Ways to Share Your Jemi Profile

The Best 3 Ways to Share Your Jemi Profile

Sharing your Jemi profile is easy. By following these tips, you will be gaining a mass following on Jemi in no time.

Once you finish setting up your Jemi profile, it’s time to share it with your fans! Sometimes it can be hard to talk about your Jemi page — how do you inform your audience about it without sounding like you’re begging for support? Keep in mind that your fans want to stay up to date with you and it’s important for them — and for you — to grow a sense of community and to support your creations.

So here are some tips that will help you effectively communicate your goals and purpose of Jemi to your audience. ​

Make a Post 📱💻

When you want to update your fans about Jemi, the most direct way to do so is by telling them on your social media platforms — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or your mailing list. You can make a 10–15-second video or explain it through a caption on Instagram, a tweet, or a post on Facebook. An example text you can share looks like this: ​

“Hi everyone! You can now use Jemi to support me in a fun and interactive way! You can go to https://jemi.app/[YOUR USERNAME HERE] to start supporting and interacting with me immediately. Thanks and I’m excited to start interacting with you guys on Jemi!”

Podcasters Dungeon & Randomness did a great job in explaining Jemi to their fans. ​

Share your Jemi link 👩‍💻👨‍💻 ​

Your fans access your Jemi profile through your link, so don’t forget to include your link — https://jemi.app/ and your username. We encourage you to add your link directly in the bio section, so your fans can easily find you if they lose your link. ​

Share regularly ​👏🙌

Remember that transparency is key — share on your social media channels, and share often. It is important that you not only let your fans know about Jemi, but make sure that they are informed of your newest activities on it. You can post regular updates on new interactions that you added or show your appreciation which will enable you to keep your fans on Jemi and attract more to join. ​

Here’s a great example of Bumblefoot on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

“Just signed up with Jemi, a new site now offering video shoutouts, answering questions, and 1-on-1 shoutouts, jemi.app/bumblefoot.”

Love, Tori also does a great job of introducing her Jemi profile on her YouTube Community page and IG stories.

“Let’s get to know each other! Live video chat with me or get a personalized video. 🌻 https://jemi.app/lovetori/

Of course, there is still a lot of ways to customize how you want to share Jemi with your audience, this is only a basis for suggested for you. To understand best practices to use for different social media channels, reference our guide. We provide you with examples of how to share Jemi on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.