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Top 5 Easiest Website Builders in 2022

Top 5 Easiest Website Builders in 2022

Website builders have made creating websites as easy as possible. You don’t need coding experience or a background in web design to create a beautiful user-friendly website. When looking to create a website for yourself, your business, or for a variety of other reasons, there are many different services to consider.

When making your choice on which builder to use, it is important that you evaluate all your options. In this blogpost we are going to take a closer look at the top 5 website building services and provide a brief evaluation of each to help you make an informed decision.


The biggest player in the space is Wix with over 110 million websites made. With a variety of functionality options and freedom, Wix makes it fairly easy for its users to build a website.

Things to Consider

To create a Wix website, you will have to put in a little more effort though. With lots of freedom and a huge range of options, it may be overwhelming for users looking to make a website quickly and easily. With this much flexibility, you must be aware and willing to make all the decisions necessary to ensure a well-rounded website.

However, Wix has data limitations associated with its tiers, meaning if you are looking to upload and display a large variety of photos or expect over 5000 visitors on your website, you may need to upgrade.


Similarly to competitors in this space, Wix offers a free plan in which you can create your own website with ads, and a $16-per-month "Combo" plan that covers most needs for a personal website.


If you want a simple and easy-to-use do-it-yourself website editor, a large site (more than 25 to 30 pages), unlimited storage, site portability and affordable yet powerful online store capabilities, Weebly is a good option for you.

Things to Consider

Weebly is a platform geared toward beginners with a low learning curve. However for a more experienced designer, these limited flexibility options may pose an issue as Weebly ultimately limits some creative decisions.


Weebly's prices are similar to competitors, for $6 a month you can get up and running with your own domain name, still with Weebly ads though. Its $12-per-month plan will give you an ad-free site with analytics and commerce capabilities.


Things to Consider

Looking at Squarespace, it appears as a mix between Wix and Weebly that boasts lots of powerful features, but ultimately lacks substance. The editor isn’t as intuitive as its competitors previously mentioned, but makes up for it with a large amount of add-ons, website templates and tools. It has potential for a more clean and modern website design, and with that, might be good for smaller businesses that are looking to capitalize on this with low transaction fees.


Squarespace does not offer a free plan and starts with a $14/month personal plan that gives unlimited storage, bandwidth, and domain. You can continue to upgrade with its business and online store plans if you’re looking for those additional features.


Best known for its website hosting and custom domain services, GoDaddy also offers a  user-friendly website builder that offers users a fast experience to create a website and publish. They offer simple layouts and templates and provide guidance for adding elements to your site to ensure a straightforward website creation process.

Things to Consider

However, with this comes a lack of complexity and customization available for the user and is not the best option for creating a truly personalized website. GoDaddy would likely be best for smaller business or personal use.


With options for a free plan and one-month trial, GoDaddy also offers a variety of plans ranging from $11.99 to $29.99 per month that allows you to select which best suits your needs.

Jemi (Our #1 Recommendation)

Jemi is perfect for anyone who wants to build a simple, beautiful website. Jemi has one of the most elegant drag and drop website editors out there. It allows you to reorder and resize all the different blocks on your Jemi site to create the exact look and feel you want.

Jemi’s templates are crafted by world class designers and cover all different types of use cases - from Link in Bio, Portfolio, Business landing page, to Online stores.

With Jemi, you can create and manage your link in bio site, portfolio site, and online store - all-in-one. It allows you to save time and money by managing your entire online presence with one elegant tool.

Things to Consider

If you're looking for more in-depth functionality options for ecommerce, than Jemi may not be the platform for you. Jemi serves as a simple starting point for users to create a free website.


Jemi has a "Free Forever" plan that has a ton of different features to build out a beautiful website. Jemi offers a Pro plan that's only $9/month if you want access to advanced analytics and custom domain, notably one of the lowest priced pro plans in the industry. A business plan is also available if you're looking for everything offered in the pro plan with additionally 0% transaction fees and premium support.  

Which website builder should you use?

Given that there’s so many options to choose from, I hope this guide helped you evaluate some of the top choices for yourself and make a decision on which is best to use. Your choice will depend on a few factors including what the purpose of your site is, how big it is, and how important is ecommerce.

Jemi is a strong up-and-comer and would be our choice for the easiest to use website builder that provides all the features you need to create your beautiful website in minutes. Serving as an “all-in-tool” for website creators, Jemi’s variety of customization options, powerful integrations, competitive industry pricing, and high quality customer service are the reasons it cements itself as our number 1 choice when looking to build a website.

Get started with Jemi today and start creating your own website. Read here for a more in-depth introduction to the platform.