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Why You Should Use Jemi

Why You Should Use Jemi

Jemi is a creator monetization tool that makes it easy for creators of all types to make money while interacting with their audience.

Why choose Jemi?

There are a couple things that creators love most about Jemi:

  1. Easy setup: Creators love that it takes only minutes to create interactions, set up payment, and fulfill requests. Sign up to create your profile today.
  2. Ability to sell wide variety of things: Creators love that they can use their creativity to sell anything from live video calls, pre-recorded videos, to physical merchandise.
  3. Personal fan interactions: Jemi empowers creators to interact with fans on a more personal level.
  4. Quick payout: Creators have loved the prompt payout schedule. Unlike other platforms, we pay creators daily.
  5. 24/7 support: We’re always here to support our creators. 24/7, all the time. Creators have loved the prompt responses and assistance.

Jemi vs other platforms

Let’s take a quick look on how Jemi compares to other creator monetization platforms.

Jemi vs Patreon: ​On Jemi, your fans can support you with one-time payments instead of just monthly subscriptions, which makes it more flexible and allows you to interact with them on a more personal level. In terms of payout, Jemi pays creators within 24 hours of responding to their fans, sometimes almost instantly! On Patreon, creators only get paid once a month, which means sometimes they have to wait up to 30 days to receive their payout. Creators also earn more through tips when they fulfill requests.

Jemi vs Cameo: We want fans and their favorite creators to have all types of interactions, not just video shoutouts.

On Jemi, creators can customize the types of interactions to offer their fans through all different types of formats (text, audio, video, etc). Consider Joon Lee’s Jemi profile, who offers far more varieties of interactions than just video shoutouts. Whereas Cameo only has video shoutouts as an interaction type, Jemi doesn’t restrict you to one type of interaction with fans; in fact, we encourage you to branch out and explore more possibilities ― 1:1 Zoom calls, Group Zoom calls, text responses, you name it! Many creators and actors also sell autographed merchandise and other physical goods through their Jemi profile! For example, check out Fred Stoller’s Jemi page!

Cameo also takes a 25% cut from each transaction. We’re an early-stage start-up, and for our early creators that join before the end of 2020, we’re providing a discounted early access platform fee of 15%.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at assistant@jemi.app!