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Why you need a personal website

Why you need a personal website
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When starting a small business/company, one of the first things people should create is a personal website. Websites are an asset to a company, as they are a means of getting both the company’s name and product out to the public.

But why don't we apply the same principle to our own personal lives?

Personal websites can be a gamechanger for people who are looking to build their brand and get discovered online. In this article, we’ll cover three main reasons you should create your own personal website.

1.  Creating your own personal brand

When it comes to starting a company, people spend hundreds of dollars on branding—subletting their brand strategy to other companies. Branding for companies is so important as it provides the brand with their own identity, allowing them to identify with a set of values and beliefs that ultimately shape the work that they do. Branding sets companies apart and helps them stand out.

Similarly, taking the time to establish your personal brand will help you stand out among other people in your field.

2.  Showcasing your projects

When reaching out to recruiters and other professionals in your field  for meetings and opportunities, most will want to get a better understanding of your past projects and experiences.

Although this can be shown in the form of a resume, having a digital form of displaying your personal projects provides a more interactive way for people to see what you’ve done. By providing links to your projects, it’ll make what you’ve already done more legitimate and real. Showcasing your projects on a personal website allows an easy way to update your projects and is easier to organize in the long-run.

3.  Build your personal SEO

With a digital asset such as a personal website, it gives you the opportunity to promote yourself and build your SEO. The articles, videos, links, etc. that you include on your personal website will all have keywords that relate to the areas/topics that you are interested/have experience in. When recruiters go on Google to search people who are working in a specific field, the more content and viewers you have, the more frequent your links will show up. Having a personal website also allows for other organizations and websites to link your content, providing you with more online traffic.

We know it can be daunting to build a personal website, especially without any coding background. That’s why we built Jemi. With Jemi, you can easily build a personal website to show off your projects/personal portfolio. Read here for a more in-depth introduction to the platform. Feel free to reach out to our help centre if you have any questions or need any assistance!  
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