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4 Reasons Your Podcast Needs a Website in 2022

4 Reasons Your Podcast Needs a Website in 2022

By: Grace Chee

Podcasts have become a popular digital outlet amongst consumers: they’re entertaining, allow us to multitask, are easily accessible, and most importantly, provide us with a community of people with similar interests. If you are a podcast creator, it is likely that you spend a lot of time recording, planning, and making sure your podcast has quality content. Given this great deal of effort, it is important that your podcast reaches as many listeners as possible.

One of the best ways to expand your podcast audience is by creating a website. Websites allow audiences to explore more of your content, and connect with you further! In this blog, we’re going to go over a couple of reasons why podcasts should have a website:

Showcase More of Your Brand

All successful podcasts have a brand that showcases their personality and purpose. However, when having a podcast on Spotify or Apple Music, it can be difficult to differentiate your podcasts from others just through a single picture and blurb. Creating a website solves this problem. Websites allow you to choose your own background and layout, and arrange them in a way that fits your brand. For example, if you’re a podcast about crime, having crime oriented pictures on your website would allow audiences to immediately know you’re a podcast serious about crime. By having a website, you’re highlighting your personal brand to audiences and emphasizing what makes you unique.

For example, here is an example of a podcast, History Goes Bump, using Jemi for their website! On their website, History Goes Bump uses custom colors and fonts to build a page that truly feels like their own.

Have More Control Over Layout

When posting your podcasts on traditional platforms, you are limited in how you design them and share them with your audiences. However, by having a website, you have control over these aspects. For example, if you’re a podcast that uploads daily, it might be tedious for your fans to endlessly scroll on Spotify and see all the content without any organization. When having a website, you are able to organize your podcasts into different sections, provide longer blurbs, change the layout of how you arrange them, or even highlight your favorite episodes!

For example, check out how "I Read Comic Book" uses Jemi with custom layouts to showcase their latest episodes and links to all of their content!

Offer More Content Related to Your Podcast

On traditional podcast streaming platforms, you are only able to upload podcast episodes. However, by having a website, you are able to offer more content related to your podcast so audiences can engage with you further! For example, if you wanted to go in depth on an episode but didn’t have the time to do so, you can have a blog section that tackles extra topics from your podcast. You can also offer exclusive content on your website, such as behind the scenes photos, exclusive interviews, so that fans are more engaged. By increasing the content you are giving to your audience, audiences become more engaged and are more likely to stick with your podcast!

Give Listeners a Way to Connect

The people in your audience should be more than just listeners - they should be engaged fans! By giving them a way to connect with you, you can make your relationships with your audience feel more genuine. One way you can have them connect with you further is by highlighting your other social media platforms on your website. That way, fans are not only limited to the content of your podcast. Another way you can connect is by creating memberships for your fans, selling merch, or providing 1:1 interactions! For example, on your website, you can sell meet and greets, highlight Zoom interactions, or do Q&As!

For example, check out how Zuby showcases not only his music but links to his podcast and all other relevant ways for his audience to connect with him.

Closing Thoughts

Websites are a necessary component for podcast success. They help establish genuine relationships with your audience, amplify your personal brand, and expand your audience! Making a website isn’t difficult either - there are many websites that allow you to make one for free! If you’re interested in making a website, feel free to make one on Jemi’s platform! Jemi allows you to create a free website using an easy drag and drop builder. From there, you are able to design your own layout, sell merch, and host interactions - everything you need for your podcast’s success!

If you’re interested in more tips on how to expand your audience, feel free to check out other write ups on our blog. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions (or any suggestions of what you’d like to see!) by emailing assistant@jemi.app